Pfx – Martin Lightjockey 2, Touch Pc

50.00 Excl. Btw


17” Touchscreen incl. Martin Lightjockey 2 Dongle.

2 x DMX512


The perfect controller for the club and mobile DJ market. This Windows based controller is very easy to use, with an intuitive user interface.

LightJockey 2 incorporates a host of useful upgrades that make this Windows-based controller an even more flexible and easy to use lighting tool.

Windows 2000 compatible, other new features include a Solid Beam Virtual Visualizer, a high quality visualization simulator capable of creating realistic, solid, 3D beams. Visually accurate and easy to understand, the simulator allows you to create virtual visualizations off-site.

For more flexible music capabilities, LightJockey 2.0 interfaces with WinampTM* to play a multitude of digital audio files including MP3. LightJockey 2.0 includes audio CD ROM capability as well. It also supports SMPTE and MIDI timecode with suitable interface. And a new show-saver backup feature ensures that your shows wont be lost.

Extremely powerful, LightJockey 2.0 includes all the original features that have made the LightJockey the choice of lighting professionals in the Club, Mobile DJ, Touring and Special Events markets: large fixture library, user friendly graphic functionality, advanced shape generator for fast and intuitive automated movement programming, as well as all the benefits of the Windows environment such as resizing of windows and drag and drop technology.

Devoted to designing the very best lighting control systems on the market, Martins LightJockey 2.0 offers lighting designers increased flexibility, spontaneity and ease of use in a user-focused control package.


  • Windows 2000, Win ME, Win 98-95 based controller
  • Large fixture library and user configurable editor
  • Solid beam virtual visualizer for programming shows off-site
  • Supports MP3, audio CD, SMPTE and MIDI timecode
  • PCI, USB, PCMCIA interface options
  • Control of up to 100 fixtures, 2048 DMX channels
  • Integration with 2532 and 2518 for more direct access
  • Graphical representation of all fixture functions